St. Charles Lwanga International Secondary School has a commitment to excellence and aims to be an excellent school. So, we seek to promote within our students a positive vision for their future and help our students become balanced and successful citizens.

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Our committed staff is proud of the wide range of programmes we offer to cater for our students, our alumni and our students’ parents.

. The school aims to promote the unique development of each student intellectually, socially and spiritually by providing an environment “where young people maximise their potential in light of Christ’s teaching to confidently face future challenges”.

To realise this vision, the school endeavours to produce “God fearing, Christ centred, disciplined and self reliant individuals by imparting quality integrated education and instilling Christian values.” To this end, emphasis is placed on self-discipline and hard work, as embedded in the school motto:

In order to achieve our objectives, the school has put in place guidelines and rules to enable each one of us contribute towards the integral development and formation of our children.



2. Every student’s personal belongings shall be inspected to ensure that each student has adequate personal provisions as spelled out from time to time and to verify that they do not include prohibited items.

The school is an environment conducive for learning, so items that divert students’ attention and focus are prohibited. No student is allowed to possess and use pornographic materials, electronic devices like mobile phones, radios, CD players, cameras, musical instruments or any other audio/video recording or playing devices.
The possession and use on the school premises of combustible materials and matchboxes, candles, kerosene lanterns or stoves and the like is prohibited except under supervised laboratory/experimental conditions. Penalty (P.3)

4. Every student shall surrender the school’s copy of the paid-in bank slip to the Bursar who will in turn issue the student with a duly signed and stamped clearance form to allow the student to proceed to the dormitory, dining hall and classroom.

5. All students must report on the opening day of the term before 6:00 pm. Anyone reporting after 6:00pm will be sent home.

A full school uniform shall be worn during class hours and at any other school functions designated as requiring a uniform. Penalty (P.2)

A casual uniform, consisting of a red T-shirt or Polo shirt and black trousers for boys and a red T-shirt or Polo shirt and black skirt for girls, may be worn at any other times except for sporting activities. Penalty (P.1)
Every student is required to participate in at least one organised sports activity of his/her choice for which the appropriate sportswear shall be worn. Penalty (P.1)

Both boys and girls shall wear their hair well trimmed and short without any treatment or plaits. Jewellery (excepting simple wrist watches, Catholic medals or rosaries), lipstick and nail varnish shall not be worn at school or any school outing.
Any fancy or outlandish wear, including hats, baseball caps, tattoos and the like, are prohibited.

All students must manage and plan their time accordingly. Late coming and failure to respond to the bell is disobedience and punishable.
Ringing the bell is restricted only to the timekeeper or other student duly authorised by the teacher on duty.
Carrying out usual and permissible activities but outside the school schedule is prohibited. Penalty

Dormitory and Class Prefects on duty are responsible for switching on and off the lights in the dormitories and classrooms, respectively, at the relevant scheduled times. Total silence shall be observed after lights out. Penalty (P.2)

Silence is golden, and must be observed at all times. Noise making on the verandas, any study area and in dormitories is a sign of lack of respect for others. It is therefore prohibited. Total silence shall be observed after lights out.

o ensure harmony and unity in a multi-lingual community, students are required to use the English language for all communications, save for when they are learning other languages. Penalty (P.1)

Students must abide by all rules and regulations of the school as laid down from time to time. They must respect and obey the school administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff and other persons in positions of responsibility, particularly Prefects. Penalty (P.2 or P.3)

No student shall tease, bully, fight or insult one another. Teasing and bullying are understood to include physical and/or verbal attacks, stealing property of the victim, forcing the victim to engage in unlawful acts and forcing the victim to do things he/she would not wish to do even if those acts are generally permissible or in order, e.g. singing. Penalty (P.3)


Students shall seek the written permission of the Head teacher to go outside the school premises, for whatever reason. Penalty (P.3)

Where permission has been granted, the following must be observed:
a) The Head teacher and the student will enter applicable particulars in the permission book which they will both sign;

b) A signed and stamped permission card/movement authorisation chit will be issued to the student;

c) Particulars on the card as well as the time of exit will be entered into the record book at the gate;

d) On return, the student shall show the permission card to the security personnel at the gate, ensure that his/her arrival date and time are properly recorded at the gate, and finally report his/her return to the issuing authority where the card shall be surrendered. Penalty (P.3)

Any student, who takes, attempts to take or knowingly receives stolen, school or personal property without permission of the owner, shall be held liable for the act(s). Students shall not surrender their property under threat or undue influence from another. Penalty (P.3)

No student is allowed to cause or attempt to cause malicious damage to school property; e.g. writing on desks, walls, toilets, breaking desks and window panes, defacing school property, tampering with fire extinguishers, electricity or any other installations. Offenders shall be asked to meet the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged item. Penalty

No student is allowed to be in possession, take/consume or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs or any intoxicating substance. Penalty (P.3)

Students of the opposite sex may not engage in boy-girl relationship nor be together in seclusion. Penalty (P.3)

The school does not condone nor tolerate any anti-social behaviour and immoral/illegal/criminal acts like lesbianism or homosexuality. Any student who is reported to be engaged in such activities will be handed over to the police for investigation and prosecution. Penalty (P.3)


Students shall seek the help of the teacher or laboratory technician whenever they encounter problems with the computer hardware and/or software and are strictly prohibited from attempting to reset computers on their own. Misuse of the internet by indulging in profanity, pornography, receiving and sending pornographic messages is prohibited. Penalty (P.3)

All laboratories shall be under the supervision of a qualified and authorised person at all times that students are expected to be there.
No student shall use laboratory chemicals and apparatus for uses other than for instructional purposes for which they are intended. Penalty (P.2(c), (d) or P.3)

Students shall observe rules and guidelines given from time to time by various departments in the school

All students must attend punctually all classes including morning and evening preps, tests, and examinations except those with written permission from the school nurse or anyone in position of authority as the case may be. On public holidays, students may engage in sports only after 11:00am. Penalty

No desks, chairs or stools shall be taken by any student to the dormitories or stores. Any movement of furniture shall be authorised and be supervised by the furniture master who shall ensure its return to the rightful place after use.

Library services are open to all students and maximum silence must be observed. Unauthorised borrowing, stealing, mishandling and destruction of any library materials are prohibited

No student shall engage in examination malpractices as defined by UNEB.
Any student found or caught or proved cheating during/at examination shall be penalised. Penalty (P.3)

Examination malpractices include, but are not limited to:
a) Smuggling of unauthorised material into the examination room.
b) Copying from one another (collusion).
c) External assistance given by teachers and / or any other persons.
d) Prior knowledge of examination questions.

e) Impersonation, i.e. hiring somebody else to sit the examination or where another person rather than the duly registered candidate sits the examination.

f) Improper behaviour, e.g. making noise, disobeying supervisors and the invigilators, etc.

g) Substitution of examination scripts during or after the examination.

h) Irregularity e.g. taking a longer time than that stipulated on the question paper to sit an examination or one candidate using different names. Tearing the answer booklet/script into loose sheets, or folding the script in anyway.