School Requirements

For entry to the Ugandan O-level (S1), students require a score of at least Division II (Two) in the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) And For A-level entry, the student must have at least a Division II too in UCE (35 aggregates)

On admission, the below listed items are required at the school reception office before being allowed to proceed to the dormitories

1 Paid Up Bank slip or Bank Draft
2 A signed Identity card from your former school
3 Ten Rolls of toilet papers (Euro Silk Type)
4 A ream of Photocopying Papers (Double A, Azhar Laser or Azhar Copier Super)
5 Fully answered holiday work
6 A Computer Practical Guide Book for S.4 & S.6 bought from school at 25,000/=
7 History Work Book bought at 8,000/= for S.5 & S.6 (for those who offer history)
8 A lab coat for S.5 and S.6 science bought from school at 30,000/= (Phy., Chem., Bio., F.N, & Agric)
9 2 pass port photos for parent / guardian
10 2 pass port photos for student
11 A leaving certificate from your former school / UNEB pass slip
12 Photocopy of your Birth Certificate
13 Admission forms (fully completed)
14 A medical form (one attached) dully filled by a qualified Medical Officer
16 All notes books dully signed by the parent
17 Drawing books for fine art or technical drawing
17 Fine Art (Coloured Pencils, “Super Writers’, White Manila papers, Compo pens, Art pencils, Acron colours, Oil Pastels, Drawing Boards, Painting Brushes “Art Brushes”
18 Graph Books for use during various subjects
19 Foods and Nutrition students S.3 – S.6 (Aprons, Head gear, Centre Table Piece)
20 Pens, Geometry Set, Pencils
21 Calculater
22 A Bible (Good News Type)
23 A dictionary
24 An Atlas (Uganda Secondary School Atlas NCDC, Uganda Macmillan)
25 At least one map extract for personal use (Geography students S.3 – S.6) at Comm House
26 A strong lockable box / suit case
27 Bathing soap
28 A bathing towel
29 A pair of bathroom slippers
30 Two bars of washing soap
31 Toothpaste
32 Tooth brush (at least three)
33 A table spoon / fork
34 A vacuum flask
35 An umbrella
36 A blanket
37 A mosquito net
38 A mattress and pillow
39 A pair of bed sheets
40 Stockings
41 A pair of pajamas / night dress to sleep in
42 A pair of black closed shoes for use in class
43 A pair of open shoes during preps
44 Canvas shoes for sports
45 Shoe polish and shoe brush