The world of computing is the only world that has never been fully explored. Computer inventions take place each and every ten seconds. Something new is always on the market and this is why as one of the best schools, Merryland will not go to sleep due to the unendingevolution of computers and knowledge. We are set to offer the new technology to students in the ICT department and the school at large.

Our ICT facilities have enabled us to score the best grades for computer studies at senior four in the year 2015 and ICT for senior six of 2015. We are on the road to making a record breaking excellence in the computer studies subject at O’ Level and ICT at A’Level. God has seen us acquire even better equipment and no doubt we are destined to success. Our Lab is adopting E-Learning as one of methods of teaching.


School staff regularly conducts safety inspections and drills. Awareness programmes on health issues such as HIV transmission are provided to students and staff. Based on existing scientific knowledge and legal practice in Uganda, the School does HIV screening on request of staff or students, nor will it discriminate against individuals known to be sufferers.

For the School community’s benefit, policy reviews, advice and information are regularly updated. The School also recognizes a particular concern of sickle cell anemia in students and is sympathetic to their needs.