St. Charles Lwanga International Secondary School has a commitment to excellence and aims to be an excellent school. We seek to promote within our students a positive vision for their future and help our students become balanced and successful citizens.

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Our committed Board of Directors, Administration and Staff are proud of the wide range of programmes we offer to our students, our alumni and our wider community.


St. Charles Lwanga International Secondary School was established in 2007, in Kakiri, Wakiso, Uganda. The institution was created to provide high quality balanced education to learners, support the local community and meet the needs of a growing student population.

St. Charles Lwanga International School continues to foster an environment of academic excellence. We are a fully licenced, registered and classified by the Ministry of Eduction & Sports and has a Uganda National Examinations Board centre no of U2048. We are a Secondary Education offering both UCE (O-Level) and UACE (A-Level). Our aim is to support the Ugandan education system and give our students the best possible education during their most formative years.

St Charles Lwanga International School is committed to enlighten Society with functional life skills

Our mission is to enable the future and competence of our students and stakeholders through the provision of balanced and high quality education that keeps pace with todays dynamic world.

Activities & Events

School co-curricular activities such as Sports, Games, Debates, Music, Dance and Drama, Farming and Scouting all these activities have competitions that end with awards like trophies, bull roasting and other prizes.

Our School Facilities

Electricity – Standby Generator providing back up power when required.
New IT Laboratory fully stocked with new computers.
Tarmacked compound to reduce dust
Fully stocked Sick Bay with qualified staff
Secure compound monitored by 24 hour security.
Clean piped water & 10 acres of beautifully kept ground and gardens.
Fully stocked library with new books
Very large (fan cooled) main hall for assemblies, entertainment, functions and examinations.
Clean and well maintained buildings.
Well stocked canteen
Over 10 buildings within the school campus.
3 x Science laboratories fully stocked with chemicals and equipment.
Dedicated Boys and Girls dormitories.
Sports field for football, netball, rugby and other sports.
Newly constructed kitchen and food preparation areas